Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Time of my Life. 01/09/2015

Hi Peeps!

Truly so far this year has been such a Roller-Coaster, but turning the lows into highs made the journey exhilarating. It's been life changing.

My birthday saw my fourth book being published: 'Raising It-666: The Teenage Beast'. Cherry on the cake? Definitely a Champagne moment. How can I describe it apart from it feels like I have given birth to the fruit of my mind. I have walked my little creation that took so long to nurture for her first day at school: it's the big day, my Baby meets others. Because it is far away from me to leave my Baby in a corner of my mind, for Patrick Swaize will come to rescue her if I did, and give her the time of her life.

Time of my life, time of your life, it's every minute, Peeps. It's there to enjoy and make your mark. What will yours be? Yes I am going all Professor Keating on you, and shamelessly 'Carpediem'. Gosh, did those lines stay with me in my life and carried me through thick and thin. It is about what you are all about, and making your stand.

I chose to speak about love. It's woven at the heart of my tales and stories. Even the large spread of sarcastic humour throughout the pages cannot hide the human heart pulsating below them. It's there shaking the characters with tremors, making them alive, shaping them. From It-666, the born Beast who refuses to use her powers to do evil to the proud and shot banker, Abraham Wilton-Cough who on his death bed is not ready to part from his loved ones like that, passing by the terrifying Death Angel, Azryel, a born torturer, whose heart is touched by the plight of a mere insignificant human, the power of love pulls plenty of strings in my stories.

Truly, I hope my tales and characters will transport you on an emotional journey, surfing the waves, riding from their crests forever wondering how it will end. Speaking of surfing the waves, as an Author, I do. I have a collection of surfboards in my mind.

First there is It-666, the Beast's Saga. As I started writing It, I thought it would be a trilogy, however, it would have been a trilogy with gianormous books, the sizes of dictionaries and encyclopaedias... So it made more sense to divide It's adventures in instalments and aptly speak about her Saga. As the second book of her Saga is published, I am preparing myself to write the fifth instalment.

I absolutely adored writing 'Raising It', where the young Beast is being raised by Angels who teach her good hearted and well meaning, powerful Being. With them she finds her possible place in this world, as a soldier in their Army. She believes it is her heart calling, to fight for the Angels who gave her a living chance. It was a joy to write her teenage-hood, her puppy-love for Archangel Gabriel which only grows and blossoms, her training with the Angels and first fights, her developing best bud  friendship with Az who becomes her daunting confidant and mentor, but also her settling in the loving warmth of her adoptive dysfunctional human family who does not mind her being her Beastly self that can make walls bleed.

From all the scenes of that book, my heart goes to the humorous ones, especially the ones with Walter Workmaster, a human among big Angels which is teaching them a thing or two about what it is to be human and love. But I must say the hamsters's scene with Az and the Beast in the Pet shop always put a tender smile on my face while the one with Gabriel coming out of his lab, showing to his uncle Wrath and Az, the star shape hole in his tongue cracks me up endlessly. The thing is I am a very visual writer. I can see what I write in my head, or to be more accurate I envisage, watch  an entire book like if I did put a DVD on before I write it. I have book five already there, full vision, book six , seven and further. It is just there in my head, ready to be shared.

Second there are the tales of Wilton Town. They are many and sprouted or mushroomed in my mind during the creation of 'Hair Rising, Heir Raising, Erasing'. Abraham Wilton-Cough is a very central character in those tales, however he is not the only one. I used his lineage and ancestry to create the populated whimsical world of Wilton Town.. My intention is to release every year one tale for Halloween. Those short spooky comic story are highly enjoyable to compose.

I am currently writing 'A Ghost Spell: A W-C's Haunting Return' which sees Abraham Wilton-Cough making a come back as a ghost on a mission. If some scenes are slightly emotional, others have that hilariously ludicrous set up which are conceived to bring a big smile on your face. The fight against the ghouls within the church cemetery is a beautiful example of the latter. The vision I had of it (its spiritual conception in per say) made it a priceless giggle time during its physical creation.

'A Ghost Spell: A W-C's Haunting Return' will be published on the 21st of October 2015.

Third, apart those two main 'Surf board' which are giving me plenty to write about for years to come, they are new ones appearing out of the blue in your psyche, popping like a cork upon your writing waves. Only the other day I devoted an entire morning to write down the entire skeleton of  a children/teenagers novel. Something totally unrelated to A W-C and Wilton Town, but also to It-666, just burst like that and was too good not to make very precise notes. Having a lot on my creative plate at the moment, I shall not write the story today or tomorrow to keep focus on my current projects, however the story is far from being discarded, it is put on the back burner at extremely low heat, and will be treated like a stew that will be let to mature, until all its ingredients and flavours are ready to be plated. That story has become a very certain future project which I can see myself pen some time next year.

So watch this space Peeps, there is plenty more to come. You will be happy to know that the third book of It-666's Saga; 'Saving It-666: The Archangelic Beast'  is due to be released on the 21st of December this year, So for all who are left hanging at the end of Book two, eager to know what will happen to It in Hell, well the wait is not too long.

My other bit of news is that a website is being created for the Beast Saga as I speak which will be launched this Autumn. Exciting Time in perspective.

Thank you for all your love and support,

Lots of Love and Kisses,


Sunday, 5 July 2015

Peeps, the word is V.

Hi, Peeps!

Results, the Busy Bee that I have been for the past six months has published her third book:

'Cordelia Malthere's Compendium of Characters'


This labour of love was published on the 21st of June, a very meaningful date for me, a remembrance day. It was important that this work was out on that day and a lot of efforts went into it to make it happen, from a four hours sleep pattern a day for me to getting all helping publishing hands on desk, passing by getting a wonderful cover created from just words and ideas from our talented Graphic designer Andy.

As promised this book is public and totally free for all of you my Fans. It is fully uploaded on my author's website:


No need to buy it from Amazon, or anywhere, just follow the link and start reading,  You can also subscribe to my page to get it sent to you as a PDF version if you prefer which is also free.

The Compendium of Characters is the guide to my creative universe, so far published. Its first edition encompasses my first two novels' s characters. As more will get published, the Compendium will get expended over time and will always be free to get hold of. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

The adventure started on the 7th of April 2015, when I started writing the Compendium. Shortly before midnight on the 7th of June I wrote its last words. But the journey didn't finish then it carried on intensely from proofreading to publication  passing by correction to make it and mark the 21st of June: To my dad, love you forever, in your memory.

From project to project, I went on correcting the proofread second instalment of the It-666's Saga:

'Raising It-666: The Teenage Beast'.

I finished it all today. Reading the entire novel again was pure pleasure: I love Book 2 of the Saga. The release date for it is the 24th of August this year. I am going to work on a cover for it this week. Got already the picture of it in my head: I just need to draw it on paper or word it to Andy to make it come to life for all to see.

The correction job that took me a couple of weeks was highly enjoyable: a bit like taking your favourite book with you on holiday. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Now, starts my next project. I am going to write a follow up to the much loved 'Hair Rising, Heir Raising, Erasing'... We will meet again Abraham Wilton-Cough, beyond his grave, as a ghost taking us on a wild journey to save one of his sons. Watch this space...

It has not been the easiest past six months of my life, some tried to shoot me in the wings. They failed. I will always get my words across loud and clear. V.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Welcome to my Zone!

First and foremost: Happy New Year 2015!

Welcome to my Zone: the Fan Zin that will keep you updated with all my creations, my imaginary universe, stories and characters.

2014 saw me shape-shifting from an happy blogger to a published author and director of my own publishing company. Brushing my shoulders of powdery glittery stardust, yeah, damn right, I am proud of that one, it was sheer hard work too, but a work of love all the way through. 

The 21 st of October, 'Hair rising, heir raising, erasing', a whimsical short story was released. Letting Abraham Wilton-Cough out of his coffin was a real pleasure. The story was born from a dream in which I opened my own coffin to a cacophony... :

-Well, well, well, I'll be damned, we can't sleep in peace anymore. What is that cacophony all about? A skeletal hand pushed open its coffin lid grumpily and a bewildered dishevelled skull appeared, peering outside full of suspicion. As the cadaver saw others stepping outside of their graves, he realised that something was definitely, disturbingly going on, and he pestered, -Blast! I will be damned for sure this time around, for it is the bloody apocalypse, and the rising of the bloody dead! Well, I will be better off playing dead and ignoring it all happened, I am sure everything will eventually vanish like a bad dream.

Malthere, Cordelia (2014-10-20). Hair Rising, Heir Raising, Erasing (Kindle Locations 33-38).  . Kindle Edition. 

The 21 st of December saw the rising of a different Beast altogether with the publication of  'Finding It-666:  The Beast.' The first book of a saga I am currently writing the fourth instalment. I am in deep writer's zone with It, she is my little Beast, my baby. I love the world I created for her and all its characters. I know some of you already love them too, especially Azryel, the Death Angel. I will not argue with any of you, I enjoy writing him. He makes my days. Just for you, here is a nugget from him, in the chapter 'Revelations' of book 4:

-You are free to chose and do whatever you want Walter, whatever is most suited to you. You are not lost, you are still right here.

Azryel, the Death Angel, accompanied his words by putting his palm upon the pulsating heart of the human,

-Can’t you hear it beating in the right direction? This is the only anchor, compass, ground, anyone ever had and ever needed. Listen to it and you will never be lost, you will find your own way to love’s ever shining beacon. Let love be your leader. Let it set you on your journey and you will fare well. Your ship has already her own in-built sat-nav like all of us, yet she does not have to follow preconceived routes which makes her reach from A to B without having made a awesome trip in between. She is free to explore every single path and road. She will recognise trouble waters and rough seas. If you listen to your own heart carefully, it will be the only guide you ever need. Start trusting it and every one will follow suit thanking the heavens that you followed your own path and no one else’s take upon the course you should achieve to reach heaven. For listening to all others will more than likely sent you quartered and ripped up in Hell, robbed of an heavenly place that could have been just yours, if you only had followed your inner loving guide.

Catch up with the saga of the teenage Beast as it unfolds and enjoy the read.

Very soon I will write a compendium of all my characters for all my fans to enjoy to be released this Spring 2015. Watch this space, blog and zone for it will tell you all about it and the making of it, but also the making of all my books and characters...

Welcome to my universe, do not be afraid: you will be lost in the space of an heartbeat within your own heart reassessing what it is to truly love.

Lots of Love and kisses,

xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx

Cordelia Malthere.